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"I went to Angela for about a year and I feel like I became a more mentally healthy person because of it. Before I went, I was badly depressed because I did not have a safe outlet. I chose a relationship that was not good for me because I thought I was happy. I hid things to make people think I was okay even though they could clearly see I was not. She was one of the safest people I could go to, and she felt more like a friend than a therapist; I felt very comfortable. I am a much better, different person now than I was a year ago, and I have Angela to thank for helping me overcome obstacles and giving me courage to be my authentic self." - A.M.

"I did not directly go to Angela's sessions on my own. However, I did drop by occasionally for my partner who attended regularly. Those few sessions were extremely eye-opening and I never imagined that just a few hours would help our relationship so much to the point where we are still going strong. Thank you Angela! "- C.M.

"I can't express how much Angela has helped me. I've always been one to constantly mourn my childhood and it seems as if depression was my only friend. Sadness has always been a part of my life, she has help me tremendously in overcoming many of my childhood traumas. She's help me find the strength that I didn't even know existed. Although I will admit I am not yet "fixed" just yet....the one thing I can honestly say is I am on my way to a better me thanks to her. I'm just grateful I don't have to go on this journey alone, she's more than a therapist to me, she's a safe haven." - D.W.